Summer School for Statistical Omics

Dear  Pavel Mikhailovich,
Given your interest in and involvement to teaching and training of students and young scientists, we thought that you may be interested to learn about the Summer School for Statistical Omics (to be held in Split, Croatia, on August 1 — 15, 2014; web-site
During the School, the students will attend lectures on different aspects of statistical omics and will work on scientific projects related to genomics and glycomics. We aim that at least some of the projects — in the long run — will lead to scientific publications. We also foresee that we will keep a connection with the students after the school is finished, and that some projects started during the School may become a part of the student’s diploma/BSc/MSc work.
We hope that participation in our School may be an important event for the students in terms of their future in science. More details about the School can be found in the attached announcement letter.  We now start looking for prospective students, and were wondering if you could help us.
Our ideal student is enthusiastic about science, technology and biology, has a “quantitative” mindset, and is curious to learn new things. We are mainly looking for biology students who are finishing their 2nd or 3rd year in university, and have a track record in quantitative sciences (e. g. participation in math/physics/programming olympiads and conferences, or study at a specialized high school). However, other candidates will be considered as well.
We will greatly appreciate if you could spread the information about our School to your students. In case you think some of your students especially fit the profile we look for, and can gain from participation, we would greatly appreciate if you could recommend our School to them personally, and suggest that they mention you as a reference when submitting the application.
On behalf of the organizers of the Summer School in Statistical Omics,
Prof. Gordan Lauc
Prof. Yurii Aulchenko